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Carpe diem!

The following text is written by Sofie (from our lovely western neighbour Sweden) where she shares some of her thoughts about life and living in general;

I believe in the thought of which the human is nothing else than what she makes of herself. She is to her origin a plan which becomes reality through a subjective life; nothing has an explanation in heaven, and the human becomes primarily what she plans on becoming. Existence precedes essence.

When we are born the first thing that lies ahead of us is nothing, and what we do to fill up the nothingness can not be predetermined. So we are all liable for our lives and what we do with it. We are not only limited to take responsibility for our own individuality, but for all humans. It is up to man to live a happy life and make sure that the people around are as happy and wealthy. To give is to get. Everyday means new desicions and following consequences, it is up to ourselves to make the best of it. Carpe Diem!

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